September 27, 2022

You Make the Call! Is this O’Neil Cruz Slide Legal?


You Make the Call! Is this O’Neil Cruz Slide Legal?

This O'Neil Cruz slide is:
One of the Toughest Calls All Year
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Oops. Went back to confirm my thoughts and see it was ss—Barrera., not 2b—India. But my point remains.


The runner was attempting to interfere. His slide is so far right of the base he was unable to reach the base as he went by. Professional athletes have peripheral vision. India ( the 2nd baseman) can see him coming for him and shifted to his left to avoid him. The defensive player should not have to stand his ground, get plowed and risk injury to get the proper call of interference due to an illegal slide


Why did I get zero points. The last umpire agreed with my call

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