Insider Report

Brewers Bat Out of Turn

The Brewers batted out of turn in their 1-0 victory over the Nationals on July 4, 2016. Here is what happened: The official Brewers lineup card handed to the umpires and Nats’ manager Dusty Baker had Jonathan Lucroy batting third, Ryan Braun in the No. 4 slot and Aaron Hill batting fifth. In the bottom […]

Official Rules of Major League Baseball

5.04 (a) (6.01) Batting Order

5.04 (a) (6.01) Batting Order (1)  (6.01(a)) Each player of the offensive team shall bat in the order that his name appears in his team’s batting order. (2)  (4.04) The batting order shall be followed throughout the game unless a player is substituted for another. In that case the substitute shall take the place of the […]