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Catch a Ball and Fall/Carry into Dead Ball Area

Perhaps Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo should be called “Catch and Carry Rizzo” because of his penchant for making catches before carrying the ball into dead ball territory. The Cubs and Brewers played at Wrigley Field on August 12. In the top of the sixth inning the Brewers had Jonathan Lucroy on first base and […]

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When a Fielder Makes a Throw into a Dead Ball Area

Your typical base awards for runners on infielder overthrows that go into dead ball territory are two bases from their position at the time of the pitch. But don’t fall asleep. There are other base awards that emerge on infielder overthrows into DBT that depend on “first” and “second” plays in the infield. A rare […]

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Two Runners on Same Base

The Pirates hosted the Braves on June 26 when the following play occurred that was reported to by Adam Berry. “Gregory Polanco was on first base, and Jordy Mercer stood at second. Chris Stewart knocked a ground ball deep into the hole, but Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons stopped it, got up and fired to […]