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2016 Pitching Sub

The Cubs beat the Reds 7-2 in 15-innings at Great American Ball Park on June 28, 2016. It proved to be a rules clinic for when a pitcher changes to a defensive position. By the 13th inning, both teams had used up their entire benches. In that inning, the Reds looked like they were mounting […]

Official Rules of Major League Baseball

5.07 (b) (8.03) Warm-Up Pitches

(b) (8.03) Warm-Up Pitches When a pitcher takes his position at the beginning of each inning, or when he relieves another pitcher, he shall be permitted to pitch not to exceed eight preparatory pitches to his catcher during which play shall be suspended. A league by its own action may limit the number of preparatory […]

Umpire Interpretations of Major League Baseball
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22. RESTRICTIONS ON PITCHERS WARMING UP Rule 5.07(b) [former Rule 8.03]: The home club pitcher may not warm up on the mound prior to the start of the game. Such pitcher may take only the eight allowed preparatory pitches on the mound. To do otherwise could give the home club pitcher some advantage, and because […]