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Batted Ball Hits Runner While Standing on a Base

The Yankees and Nationals met at Nationals Park on May 19. In the top of the fourth inning the Yanks had Brian McCann on third and Chase Headley on second with two outs when Jose Pirela hit a soft roller between home and third. Nats’ third baseman Yunel Escobar made no play on the ball […]

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Runner Touched by Batted Ball

The Rangers and Red Sox played at Fenway Park on Thursday night (May 21). In the bottom of the fifth, the Sox had Xander Bogaerts on first base and one out when Daniel Nava hit a sharp ground ball between first and second on a hit and run play. Rangers’ second baseman Adam Rosales vacated […]

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Baserunners Struck by Batted Ball

On a day America set its eyes on the Kentucky Derby, Major League Baseball provided its own long shot when three baserunners were called out because they were struck by a batted ball. Two of the runners, Taylor Featherston and Jordan Pacheco, incredibly made the last out of the game. Andrelton Simmons (Braves) completed the […]