March 30, 2020

Catcher’s Throw Back to Pitcher Deflects off Batter’s Bat

Catcher’s Throw Back to Pitcher Deflects off Batter’s Bat


The catcher throws the pitch back to the pitcher but it makes contact with the bat. If the umpire determines that there is no intent on the part of the batter to intentionally interfere, the ball remains alive and in play.


If after making contact with the bat (not intentional) the ball rolls out of play into Dead Ball Territory, all runners would advance two bases. This would be treated like any other throw by a fielder that ends up in Dead Ball Territory. 


Instruct your players to run hard in cases like this if they feel they can move safely to the next base. Coach your catchers to be careful returning the ball to the pitcher especially with a runner at 3B. Soft throws back to the pitcher can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. 

This play happened in Game Five of the 2015 ALDS played between the Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto


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