March 30, 2020

Runner Stealing Home is Hit by Pitch

Runner Stealing Home is Hit by Pitch


A runner from 3B breaks for home on an attempted stolen base. The pitcher delivers the pitch and the ball and runner arrive at the same time. What is the call?

The umpire must determine if the pitch is a ball or a strike, if the batter interfered with the play at the plate and whether the runner is safe or out. If there are two outs and the pitch is strike three, the inning is over and no run scores. It is not a timing play. 

If the batter interferes with the catcher making a play, the runner is out, the ball is dead.


The catcher has the right to make a defensive play. This includes catching the pitch and attempting to tag the runner. 


The umpire has several things to do as he sizes up this play. He should take his time to evaluate the situation before he makes a call on a complicated play such as this. 

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