August 17, 2022

Mets Win Challenge, Nimmo Still Called Out?

Ehire Adrianza tags Brandon Nimmo without the ball, Nimmo still ruled out after Replay Review

Mets Win Challenge, Nimmo Still Called Out?

The Braves and Mets played at Citi Field on August 7, 2022. In the bottom of the first, the Mets had Brandon Nimmo on first base and no outs when Starling Marte hit a ground ball to second baseman Ehire Adrianza. Nimmo, running to second, escaped Adrianza’s tag when the Braves’ second baseman tagged him with an open glove as Nimmo fell to the ground. But umpire Jeff Nelson called Nimmo out.

Adrianza then threw to Matt Olsen. The Braves’ first baseman then fired to shortstop Dansby Swanson who legally tagged Nimmo.

The Mets challenged the play, but the Replay Official ruled that Adrianza did not tag Nimmo but upheld Dansby’s tag. He determined that the fielder (Adrianza) failed to tag the runner (Nimmo) prior to the runner touching second base. The initial call of out was overturned.

Additionally, as part of the placement of runners following an overturn, the Replay Official determined that the runner (Nimmo) was not impacted by the initial call and was tagged out by Swanson during the course of subsequent action.

Nimmo was ruled out, but the Mets retained its challenge because of the incorrect tag call.

Ruleball Comments

  1. The Replay Official’s decision was based on the total play including the actions of the base runner.
  2. The Replay Official ruled that the missed tag did not affect the outcome of the play.
  3. Is it possible that the umpire’s incorrect out call on the tag affected Nimmo’s actions to attempt to advance sooner? Maybe.
  4. Is it possible if Nimmo had remained on the ground after the umpire called him out that this would give the Mets and the Replay Official more leverage in protecting the runner? Maybe.
  5. But the Replay Official judged that the incorrect “no tag” call did not affect the outcome of the play. In other words, Nimmo would have been out when tagged by Dansby regardless of any prior action.
  6. It might be a reach, but you can make the argument that Nimmo was obstructed by Adrianza after he threw to Olsen.
  7. If so, that would have been a Type 2 obstruction because at the time of the obstruction, there was no longer a direct play being made on Nimmo. If Type 2 was called, however, the umpire on the field would have to determine if the obstruction hindered Nimmo from reaching second base. If not, Nimmo would still be out.

Rich Marazzi

Rules consultant/analyst:  D’backs, Nationals, Orioles, Padres, Phillies, Pirates, Rays, Red Sox, Rangers, Royals, Tigers, Twins, Yankees, Bally Sports, ESPN, YES, and NBC Sports Chicago.  


Dave Johnson

how about the interference by Nimmo grabbing Adrianza’s foot trying to trip him and prevent the double play? sounds like OBR 6.01(a)(6) to me.


Completely disagree with the replay ruling and Rich’s analysis.
I have a huge problem that an out can be collected on a runner that has been called out.
You are going to enforce an obstruction call on a runner adjudged to be out? No way.

So if a runner is called out on a play he should just continue on since there may be replay that overturns the out call. This is a screwed up process.
Put the runner on second and move on.

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