Jeff Nelson

Expert Analysis

Mets Win Challenge, Nimmo Still Called Out?

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Braves and Mets played at Citi Field on August 7, 2022. In the bottom of the first, the Mets had Brandon Nimmo on first base and no outs when Starling Marte hit a ground ball to second baseman Ehire Adrianza. Nimmo, running to second, escaped Adrianza’s tag when the Braves’ second baseman tagged him…

Expert Analysis

Jason Heyward Called for Batter Runner Interference

Topics: Baseline, Batted Ball, Latest News, Official Baseball Rules, Runner Interference, Runners

Before we look at a couple of recent batter-runner interference plays, let’s review the provisions and “interpretations” that cover rule 5.09 (a) (11) and the 45-foot long, 3-foot wide runner’s box that has been around since 1881. Keep in mind that the rule is designed to protect the fielder “taking” the throw, not “making” the…

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