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MLB Postseason Riddled with Rules Controversies

Why Didn’t Dusty Baker Protest Follow-Through Interference? Did Yankees Gary Sanchez Violate a Rule on the Final Out of the Game? Was that Interference on Carlos Correa that Allowed the Winning Run to Score?   Expert Rules Analysis Here CONTROVERSY #1 In the most important game played by the Nationals all year long could the […]

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Catcher’s Interference

Catcher’s interference occurs when a batter swings and touches the catcher’s glove. The umpire points and calls, “that’s catcher’s interference.” The ball remains alive and the play develops. If the batter gets a base hit, he gets credit for a base hit. If the batter swings and misses, hits a foul ball or makes an out, the umpire will call time and award the batter 1B on catcher’s interference.

Note: There are circumstances where the manager of the offensive team can decide to take the play instead of the catcher’s interference. If a batter hits a sacrifice fly and plates a run, the manager might prefer that over a catcher’s interference penalty. The umpire is not obligated to inform the manager of the offensive team; he has a choice in this situation.

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Automatic Outs

In addition to putting runners or batters out by a caught ball or tag, fielders can be credited with automatic outs by the official scorer in specific situations. These automatic outs can be called on either the Batter or Runner. As those are covered in detail in their respective lessons, we’ll focus on the ways […]

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Q&A: Foul ball or strike three?

Q. With two strikes on the batter, Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A Carolina League) catcher Chad Johnson recently had a foul tip go off his mask and into his mitt. The ball never hit the ground. Was this a legal catch for “strike three?” A. No. That would be a foul ball. For the catcher […]

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Protected Fielders and Batter Interference

Batter Interference Batters and runners need to understand when a fielder is “protected.” Simply stated, it means the batter or runner should “stay away” and “avoid” the fielder when he is making a play. This includes fly balls as well as ground balls. In general, I think runners are aware that they must avoid an […]