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Topics: Base Awards, Equipment, Lodged Ball, Placing Runners, Umpire

By Brady Hood In 1948, Kansas City outfielder Leon Culberson ran to second when a pitch missed the catchers mitt and got lodged in home plate umpire Harry King’s mask. Ultimately the umpires got together and ruled that the ball was still in play and Culberson was credited with a stolen base. So what would…

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Red Sox Catcher Nabbed on Detached Equipment Rule

Topics: Catcher, Equipment, Official Baseball Rules, Placing Runners, Rule of the Week, Video - Fielder
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What Happens When a Pitch is lodged in the Equipment of the Umpire or Catcher

Topics: Catcher, Lodged Ball, Umpire, Umpire Interference
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Strange Play Special Report: Ball Sticks to Catcher’s Protector

Topics: Video - Fielder

Baseball Fans Bewildered The Chicago Cubs started a 7th inning, three-run rally vs the Cardinals in a most unusual way on April 6, 2017. The Cubs Matt Szczur swung and missed on a pitch in the dirt for strike three. Aware that Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina did not cleanly catch the ball, Szczur headed to…

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