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Force reinstated?

Is the force play reinstated if a runner returns but goes beyond the base to which he was forced? For example, runner on first, no outs, batter hits a grounder to short; ball is misplayed and rolls into shallow left field.  Runner from first touches second base and starts toward third, changes his mind and dives back into […]

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Fielder Touches a Base on a Force Out

Retiring a Runner: [Official Rule 5.09(b)(6)]   Force plays are situations where a runner on base is required to advance to the next base because a batter became a runner (e.g. through a hit or base on balls). If a runner is on first and a batter hits a single, for instance, the runner is […]

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

7.12 Following Runner

Unless two are out, the status of a following runner is not affected by a preceding runner’s failure to touch or retouch a base. If, upon appeal, the preceding runner is the third out, no runners following the preceding runner shall score. If such third out is the result of a force play, neither preceding […]

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Neighborhood Play at 2B

MLB’s Playing Rules Committee allows for the “Neighborhood Play” at second base to protect middle infielders from injury. Yet, the reckless sliding rules in place allow the runner on force plays to slide into the base on a variety of angles and head hunt the fielder making the play. As long as a runner is […]

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When an Infield Fly is Dropped

The Reds and Royals played at Great American Ball Park on Aug. 19, 2015. In the bottom of the fifth Jay Bruce was batting with one out and the bases loaded facing Luke Hochevar. Bruce popped up a 3-2 pitch that Hochevar and first baseman Eric Hosmer camped under before it hit the ground. The […]