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Runner on First Attempts to Go to Second Base on Dropped Third Strike

When a batter strikes out on a dropped third strike and first base is occupied with less than two outs, the batter is automatically out. The rule is a close cousin of the Infield Fly rule. It is designed to protect the runners. Without the rule, a catcher could intentionally drop a third strike and […]

Insider Report

Infield Fly Rule Confusion by Fielder and Umpire

Confusion over the Infield Fly Rule occurred on August 22, 2017, when the Angels hosted the Rangers. In the bottom of the fourth, the Angels had Mike Trout on first and Kaleb Cowart on second and one out when Albert Pujols hit a pop fly in front of the pitcher’s mound. The umpires invoked the […]

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Automatic Outs

In addition to putting runners or batters out by a caught ball or tag, fielders can be credited with automatic outs by the official scorer in specific situations. These automatic outs can be called on either the Batter or Runner. As those are covered in detail in their respective lessons, we’ll focus on the ways […]