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Deflected Balls that Remain in Play (Part 3)

Deflected Batted Ball Strikes the Runner  Deflections make for knotty problems since they usually lead to right of way arguments.  Whenever a batted ball is deflected off the pitcher or another infielder into the path of the runner, one of three things can happen: The ball can remain alive and in play The runner can […]

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Batted Ball Deflects off Pitcher and Umpire on Same Play

The Dayton Dragons (Reds) played the South Bend Cubs in a Class A Midwest League game this past August.  With a runner on first base, the batter hit a shot that deflected off the pitcher before striking the second base umpire. The ball then rolled to the shortstop near second base. The shortstop fielded the […]

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Play Follows Balk: Umps Misinterpret Rule

The following situation occurred in the Mickey Mantle World Series in Waterbury, Conn., on July 27, 2016, and it could very well happen in a MLB game. The series is sanctioned by the American Amateur Baseball Congress that plays under Pro rules. The Connecticut Outlaws were facing FTB Arecibo, the entry from Puerto Rico. The Outlaws […]

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2016 Pitching Sub

The Cubs beat the Reds 7-2 in 15-innings at Great American Ball Park on June 28, 2016. It proved to be a rules clinic for when a pitcher changes to a defensive position. By the 13th inning, both teams had used up their entire benches. In that inning, the Reds looked like they were mounting […]