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Pitcher Chases Deflected Ball

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Red Sox and D’backs played at Chase Field on May 27, 2023. Gabriel Moreno led off the bottom of the eighth facing Kutter Crawford.  Moreno hit a shot that caromed off Crawford’s ankle. The ball rolled toward the first base line. Crawford chased the ball and shoveled it to first baseman Pavin Smith for…

Expert Analysis

Runner hit by batted ball… the runner always out?

Topics: Base Awards, Deflected Ball, Expert Analysis, Placing Runners, Runner Interference, Runners

When a runner is hit by a batted ball, he is not always out. Umpires must assess the situation and apply the proper rule. The most common form of this violation is when a runner is struck by a batted ball in front an infielder and impedes him from making a play.  The runner is…

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