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Deflected Balls that Remain in Play (Part 3)

Deflected Batted Ball Strikes the Runner  Deflections make for knotty problems since they usually lead to right of way arguments.  Whenever a batted ball is deflected off the pitcher or another infielder into the path of the runner, one of three things can happen: The ball can remain alive and in play The runner can […]

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The Second Play in the Infield: A Rare Base Award

In Wednesday night’s game between the Indians and Rangers, the Rangers were awarded a run on a rare “second play” in the infield overthrow into the stands. Do you know the difference between the “first play” and “second play” in the infield when it comes to making a base award? Let’s start with a very […]

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Catcher’s Throwback to Pitcher Hits Batter

The 53-minute seventh inning of Game 5 of the American League Division Series between Toronto and Texas may prove to be the most bizarre in post-season history. It involved a quirky rule, good Ruleball running, three errors on consecutive plays, and an epic three run homer. It all began in the top of the inning […]