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Fan Catches Foul Ball, Fielder Steals Glove and is Awarded Catch!

On June 7, 2019, the Angels and Mariners played in Anaheim. M’s right fielder Domingo Santana made a catch in which he ended-up with two gloves. Here is what happened. Jonathan Lucroy led off the bottom of the fifth facing Marco Gonzales and hit a fly ball down the right field line that was caught […]

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Types of Interference

Instances of Interference: Please see the [Interference, Obstruction, and Base Path Collisions] course for more detail Batter’s interference 6.01(a) A batter might interfere with a catcher’s throw to a base. A batter might interfere with a play at the plate. A batter might interfere with a catcher when his swing follow-through carries around to make contact with […]

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Spectator Interference

When spectator interference occurs, the umpires have the authority to place the batter and the runners at any base they judge would have been made had there been no interference. It’s possible that the umpires will award two bases to one runner while awarding only one base to another runner or the batter. The umpires […]