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Something You Probably Don’t Know: The Difference Between a Foul Tip and Foul Ball

Most baseball fans incorrectly use the terms foul ball and foul tip interchangeably. For those who make this mistake, it might simply be a case of careless use of words… or it could be something more serious: a fuzzy understanding of basic baseball rules. So what is the main difference between a foul tip and […]

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Strike Three

The batter is called out when the umpire calls or acknowledges a third strike. Sometimes the batter-runner is allowed to run to first base after his third strike. These are examples of the “third-strike rule.” This comes into effect if the third strike occurs, the catcher fails to catch the pitch and: There is no […]

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Q&A: Foul ball or strike three?

Q. With two strikes on the batter, Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A Carolina League) catcher Chad Johnson recently had a foul tip go off his mask and into his mitt. The ball never hit the ground. Was this a legal catch for “strike three?” A. No. That would be a foul ball. For the catcher […]