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The New MLB Intentional Walk Rule

The new MLB intentional walk rule has had little effect on the overall length of major league games. It was not a particularly bold move, but it does represent a changing of the mindset of those decision makers to speed up the pace of play. The estimated time shaving is around 35 seconds per game. […]

The World Baseball Classic Rules Worth Knowing

The World Baseball Classic begins Monday, March 6, so it is time for us to understand the rules, at least the important ones. Since the WBC is a product of close cooperation and negotiation between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, there are plenty of rules for everyone. Most of the “non-game” rules […]

The Dirt on MLB’s Newest Pitching Delivery Rule

Special to Baseball Rules Academy Several MLB rule changes over the last few years were implemented because of serious injuries to players. Those rules, such as the home plate collision rule and the slide rule are commonly referred to by the famous players involved, “Buster Posey Rule” and the “Chase Utley Rule.” Now we have […]

NFHS Baseball Points of Emphasis – 2017

This article appears on the official NFHS website, nfhs.org By NFHS on November 22, 2016 The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee and the NFHS Board of Directors believe there are areas of the game of interscholastic baseball that need to be addressed and given special attention. These areas of concern are often cyclical, some areas need […]

HS Pitch Count Rules Set for 2017

Special to Baseball Rules Academy November 28, 2016   The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee met June 5-7 meeting in Indianapolis and approved rule changes for 2017. One of the most interesting directives from the NFHS Board of Directors pertains to pitch limits for high school pitchers. Each NFHS […]