October 6, 2022

“Last Time By” Rule

Yankees' Oswald Peraza fails to touch second base in both directions

“Last Time By” Rule

The Yankees and Rangers played in Texas on October 3, 2022 when the Yankees’ Oswald Peraza was called out on appeal when he failed to touch second base in both directions after Aaron Hicks was retired on a fly to left center field.

You can view the play below. You will see the play from two different angles.

Ruleball Comment

  1. Often times a runner will be so fixated on the ball that he fails to touch the next base. I think that’s what occurred here.
  2. Peraza not only failed to touch second base on his way to third, he did not touch the base on his return.
  3. If he had touched the base on the way back, he would have been legal and not put out on appeal. This is known as the “Last Time By” rule. If a runner touches the base the “last time by,” it corrects the previous error when he failed to touch the base.
  4. When a player must retouch a base, the footwork can get tricky. If he does not hold the base with his anchor or pivot foot, he must retouch the base with either foot.
  5. Credit the Rangers for making a continuous action appeal.   


Rich Marazzi 

Rules consultant/analyst:  D’backs, Nationals, Orioles, Padres, Phillies, Pirates, Rays, Red Sox, Rangers, Royals, Tigers, Twins, Yankees, Bally Sports, ESPN, YES, and NBC Sports Chicago. 

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