May 15, 2022

Luis Castillo “No-Step Balk”

Luis Castillo “No-Step Balk”

While pitching against the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 14, 2022, Reds pitcher, Luis Castillo was called for a “no-step” balk. Home plate umpire, Lance Barrett, saw the infraction when Castillo failed to step towards first base on a pick-off throw. The balk cost the Reds a run in a game they eventually lost, 3 – 1 to the Pirates.


J.D. Leenen

dg, you are right


I agree with the balk call. In real time this is not a distinct step-off then throw – it appears to be a jump move without the step thus balk. In slo mo we see the first move is with the free foot moving backwards first and then then step off then throw – still a balk since free foot moved first.

J.D. Leenen

I disagree with the balk call. Castillo clearly steps off the rubber with his pivot foot, therefore has become a fielder without the obligation to make a clear step towards 1B.

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