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Special Report: Time Play Rules Controversy

Topics: Time Play

The 2017 baseball season wasn’t quite two days old when we had our first “Time Play” confusion. When the third out of an inning is not the result of a force play and it happens about the same time a runner is crossing the plate, the plate umpire must decide “in time,” what occurred first-the…

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Topics: Replay Review, Uncategorized

For Official Information regarding Major League Baseball Replay Review Regulations click this link:

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How a Smart Baserunner Can Exploit the Basepath Rules

Topics: Baseline, Runner Interference, Runners, Uncategorized

In the game of baseball, as in all major sports, coaches instruct their players to take what the defense gives them. Conversely, it would be a good idea for defensive players to take what the offense gives them. Let’s look at the following play. The Cardinals and Pirates played two games on Sept. 18 at…

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Pro Rules: Does a Runner Have to Slide to Avoid an Interference Call?

Topics: double play, Interference, Runner Interference, Uncategorized

The July 24, 2021, the Padres-Marlins game ended with the automatic double play when a Replay Review overturned a call on the field involving an illegal running violation. In the top of the ninth the Padres trailing 3-2, had Trent Grisham on first and one out when Wil Myers, facing Yimi Garcia, hit a ground…

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The Rules of Trading Players Away

Topics: Baseball Instruction

This classic baseball instruction video comes from back in 2003 with Cincinnati Reds interim General Manager, Brad Kullman. Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh asks Brad about the rules of trading players away before the deadline.

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Should Infielders Blocking a Base Obstruction Be Reviewable?

Topics: Batter Runner

Play No. 1 The Yankees and Guardians played a split doubleheader in Cleveland on April 13, 2024. In the top of the third of the first game, the Yankees had Juan Soto on first base and no outs when Aaron Judge flied to Tyler Freeman in short center field. Freeman, seeing Soto was a good…

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Did Tommy Pham Violate Home Plate Collision Rule?

Topics: Home Plate Collision

The White Sox and Brewers played at American Family Field on June 2, 2024. In the top of the eighth, Chicago had Tommy Pham on third and Nicky Lopez on second with one out when Corey Julks flied to Christian Yelich in short left center. Pham tagged-up at third and raced home. Yelich’s throw to…

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Red Sox Catcher Nabbed for Detached Equipment Rule Violation

Topics: Balk, Base Awards, Batter's Box, Catcher, Catcher Interference, Equipment, Latest News, Official Baseball Rules

You cannot assume your players know even the most basic rules. Take what happened at Fenway Park on May 1, 2018,  when the Red Sox hosted the Royals. In the top of the 10th inning with the score tied 3-3, the Royals had runners on first and second and two outs when Sox catcher Christian…


NCAA 4-5 Ground Rules

Ground Rules SECTION 5. A local ground rule may be adopted where unusual conditions prevail if agreeable with the visiting team. No ground rule shall conflict with the official playing rules. Where the teams do not agree, ground rules shall be determined by the umpires. It is recommended that ground rules be posted in each…


9.01 Official Scorer (General Rules)

(a) The Office of the Commissioner, with respect to Major League games, and the Minor League President, with respect to Minor League games, shall appoint an Official Scorer for each league championship, post-season or all-star game. The Official Scorer shall observe the game from a position in the press box, in permanent assigned seating as…

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