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Should Infielders Blocking a Base Obstruction Be Reviewable?

Topics: Batter Runner

Play No. 1 The Yankees and Guardians played a split doubleheader in Cleveland on April 13, 2024. In the top of the third of the first game, the Yankees had Juan Soto on first base and no outs when Aaron Judge flied to Tyler Freeman in short center field. Freeman, seeing Soto was a good…

Expert Analysis

Smart Baserunning 2023

Topics: Expert Analysis

In the following four plays of this report, you will see where runners played excellent Ruleball by executing sound running strategies and utilizing what the rules allow.   Yankees Smart Base Running The Yankees and Red Sox played a day-night doubleheader at Fenway Park on September 14, 2023. In the nightcap, clever base-running by Oswaldo Cabrera…

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Judge Makes Catch and Runs Through Outfield Fence

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Yankees and Dodgers played at Dodger Stadium on June 3, 2023. The Dodgers had Max Muncy on first base and no outs in the eighth inning when J.D. Martinez hit a drive to right field. Aaron Judge tracked back and eventually crashed through a fence ending up in the Yankees bullpen to rob Martinez…

Expert Analysis

What is Runner Abandonment?

Topics: Base, Runners, Runners Passing Runners

  Before getting to the plays in this report, it’s important to outline the two rules that the umpires had to reference in making their decision.     Runner Abandonment: Rule 5.09 (b) (1) and (2) Comment The rule reads, “If a runner leaves his base path and heads for his dugout or his position believing…

Expert Analysis

MLB Postseason Riddled with Rules Controversies

Topics: Batter, Batter Interference, Catcher, Interference, Runner Interference

  Why Didn’t Dusty Baker Protest Follow-Through Interference? Did Yankees Gary Sanchez Violate a Rule on the Final Out of the Game? Was that Interference on Carlos Correa that Allowed the Winning Run to Score?   Expert Rules Analysis Here CONTROVERSY #1 In the most important game played by the Nationals all year long could…

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