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Umpire Interference

There are two types of umpire interference: (1) When a field umpire (the second base umpire) is positioned in front of the infielders and is struck by a batted ball that is not deflected off another fielder, and (2) when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s throw in an attempt to retire a runner. […]

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Batter Interferes with Catcher on Backswing

The Red Sox and Rays played at Tropicana Field on August 23, 2016. David Ortiz was batting in the top of the eighth inning with one out and Xander Bogaerts on first base. With Bogaerts attempting to steal second, Ortiz swung and missed a 2-2 Brad Boxberger pitch. Ortiz’ bat came around and struck catcher […]

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Umpire Hit by Batted Ball

The Angels hosted the A’s on April 21. In the bottom of the sixth, the Angels had Johnny Giavotella on first base when Kole Calhoun hit a shot that hit second base Mike Winters who was positioned on the infield side of second base. This was a classic umpire interference violation. “Time” was called and […]