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Red Sox Catcher Nabbed for Detached Equipment Rule Violation

You cannot assume your players know even the most basic rules. Take what happened at Fenway Park on May 1, 2018,  when the Red Sox hosted the Royals. In the top of the 10th inning with the score tied 3-3, the Royals had runners on first and second and two outs when Sox catcher Christian […]

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The Dangerous Batter-Runner First Baseman Collision

You might recall in my spring training presentation that I strongly endorsed the idea of having the first baseman (or second baseman) who is taking the throw from the catcher or the pitcher in the bunt area, to take the throw from a stretch position to the fair side of the foul line to avoid […]

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Umpires’ Incorrect Call Jeopardizes Players

Umpires’ Incorrect Call Jeopardizes Players When a replay challenge initiates a call reversal that requires the umpires to arbitrarily place the base runners, one would think that common sense would dictate the umpires’ decision since the umpire’s incorrect call can place either team in jeopardy. Take what happened at the Great American Ball Park on […]