Mike Trout

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Trout Kicks Ball After Scoring

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The Angels beat the Guardians at Progressive Field on May 12th, 2023 scoring two runs in the top of the ninth. It’s debatable if the winning run should have scored. Here is what happened. Hunter Renfroe was batting with Mike Trout on third and Brett Phillips on first and one out when Renfroe hit a…

Expert Analysis

Type 2 Obstruction – Here’s What You need to Know

Topics: Appeal, Base Awards, Batter Runner, Expert Analysis, Famous Plays, Fielding, Interference, Obstruction, Rules Controversy, Runners Lane

Type 2 Obstruction (Ball Remains in Play) Under Type 2 obstruction, there is no play being directly made on the obstructed runner at the time of the obstruction. The ball is normally a long distance from the act of obstruction.  The umpire signals the obstruction by pointing to the obstruction and yelling “That’s obstruction.” This…

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