Minute Maid Park

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Runner’s Lane Interference in Mets vs Astros

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Mets and Astros played at Minute Maid on June 21st. In the top of the first inning the Mets had the bases loaded and no outs when Pete Alonso tapped back to pitcher Cristian Javier. Javier threw home to catcher Martín Maldonado for the force at home and Maldonado fired wildly past first baseman…

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Meyers Not Called for Batter-Runner Interference

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Nationals and Astros played at Minute Maid on June 14, 2023. In the bottom of the ninth, the Astros were batting with one out and the bases loaded with the score tied 4-4 when Jake Meyers grounded to shortstop C.J. Abrams, who threw home for the second out. Catcher Keibert Ruiz tried to turn…

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Minute Maid Park- Houston Astros

Topics: Ground Rules


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Ball gets lodged in outfield wall. What happens now?

Topics: Base Awards, Dead Ball Area, Expert Analysis, Lodged Ball, Official Baseball Rules, Replay Review

Lodged Baseballs Per rule 5.05 (a) (7), a ball is considered lodged if, in the judgment of the umpire, the natural trajectory of the flight of the ball is interrupted long enough to affect further play. A batted ball that sticks in a fence, scoreboard, shrubbery or vines located on the playing field should be…

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