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Rule of the Week: Safe or Out?

Ouch! Runner Struck by Batted Ball While Standing on Base You can trip up some smart baseball people with this basic rule about baserunning. Most people believe that if a runner is standing on a base that belongs to him, he is safe from being put out. Not so. A base is not a safe […]

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Common Instances of Offensive Interference

Interference near home or in the running lane. [Umpire Interpretation 39] Runner or batter-runner deflects the course of a foul ball [Umpire Interpretation 41] Runner(s) intentionally “confuses” the fielder [Umpire Interpretation 42] Offensive player “willfully and deliberately” interferes with or “fails to avoid” a defensive player fielding a batted ball – including in double play […]

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Runner Struck by Batted Ball Behind Infielder

The Twins beat the White Sox 8-5 at Target Field on September 1, 2016. In the top of the first, the White Sox had Tim Anderson on first base and one out when Melky Cabrera hit a shot that got by Twins’ first baseman Joe Mauer. The ball then struck Anderson who was behind Mauer […]

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Runner Hit by Batted Ball

Texas Rangers manager Jeff Banister should have argued a call that occurred in the bottom of the ninth inning in the July 30, 2015 game against the Yankees at Globe Life Park in Arlington. The Rangers were batting in the bottom of the ninth with the score tied, 6-6. Delino DeShields was on first base […]

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Baserunners Struck by Batted Ball

On a day America set its eyes on the Kentucky Derby, Major League Baseball provided its own long shot when three baserunners were called out because they were struck by a batted ball. Two of the runners, Taylor Featherston and Jordan Pacheco, incredibly made the last out of the game. Andrelton Simmons (Braves) completed the […]