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Runner’s Lane Violations All Over MLB

               Bellinger Called Out The Dodgers and Padres played in San Diego on Thursday night. Cody Bellinger led off the top of the fourth for the Dodgers in a scoreless game and hit a dribbler in front of the plate. The ball was fielded by catcher Austin Hedges who fired wide of first base and […]


Yankees Pitcher Charged for Type A Obstruction

The Yankees and White Sox played on July 5, 2016, at U.S. Cellular Field. The Yanks had Brett Gardner on second base in the top of the ninth with no outs when Ronald Torreyes hit a high chopper toward first base. White Sox pitcher Michael Ynoa ran toward the ball to make a play but […]

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Runner’s Lane

The “runner’s lane” is the area halfway between home and 1B where a runner can be penalized for interference. If a runner moves outside the running lane to the fair side of the baseline he could be called out if his presence outside the running lane affects the fielder receiving the throw. Contact with the throw is not required for interference to be called.

Note: A fielder (usually the catcher) must actually throw the ball to a fielder covering 1B to receive an interference call by the umpire. The mere presence of the runner out of the runner’s lane is not enough to warrant interference by the batter runner.

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Batter-Runner Interference

From this corner, the batter-runner interference rule 5.09 (a) (11) is the most inconsistently applied rule in the game of baseball. The rule as written is intended to protect the fielder “taking the throw” at first base. Ironically, the way the rule is carried out places the fielder who is taking the throw at first […]