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9 Rules Questions Answered Here

1. Infield Fly Rule situation. The bases are loaded and one out when the batter hits a pop fly near first base in fair territory. The umpires invoke the IFR. The runner on first base, who is several feet off the bag, is tracking the fly ball instead of locating the first baseman who is […]


No Infield Fly Rule Call Results in Orioles Triple Play

The Orioles pulled off a strange triple play at the expense of the Red Sox in Boston’s 5-2 win on May 2. With runners on first and second and no outs in the bottom of the eighth, Jackie Bradley Jr. skied a popup behind shortstop. O’s shortstop, J.J. Hardy, called off right fielder Joey Rickard before the ball fell between […]

Insider Report

Herrera Miscounts Outs, Throws Ball Into Stands

The Jays and Phils played in Philadelphia on June 16. In the top of the eighth, the Jays had Edwin Encarnacion on first base and one out when Michael Saunders flied to Odubel Herrera in center field. Just as Daniel Nava did in an Arizona spring training game on March 15, Herrera tossed the ball […]