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Must a Runner Slide When Attempting to Break Up a Double Play?

 Under professional rules (OBR): NO There is no requirement that a runner must slide when trying to beak-up a DP.  In the game between Tampa Bay and San Francisco on April 5, 2019, the Giants’ Yangervis Solarte did not slide into second base on an attempted DP and no interference was called after a Rays […]

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Dealing with the DH: Two Case Studies on Waiting

What should a manager do when he notices that the opposing lineup card does not have a DH listed? If the umpire observes the error during the lineup card exchange, he can correct the problem. If not, the manager of the team who submitted a proper lineup card needs to have patience and remain mute […]

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Type A Obstruction Not Called

The Rays hosted the Jays on May 1, 2016. In the top of the ninth, the Jays had Kevin Pillar on first base and one out when Ryan Webb made a pick throw to first base that hung up Pillar, forcing a rundown. In the 1-3-6-1-4 rundown Pillar and Webb collided after Webb threw to […]

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Batter Interferes with Catcher on Backswing

The Red Sox and Rays played at Tropicana Field on August 23, 2016. David Ortiz was batting in the top of the eighth inning with one out and Xander Bogaerts on first base. With Bogaerts attempting to steal second, Ortiz swung and missed a 2-2 Brad Boxberger pitch. Ortiz’ bat came around and struck catcher […]

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Baseball’s Affordable Health Care Act

When a runner is injured during the middle of a play in which the ball goes into dead ball territory and there is an automatic base award (like two bases for a book rule double or four bases for a home run), it’s foolish to let the runner continue to run. The rule book gives […]