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2023 Batter Awarded Third Base on Infield Overthrow

Topics: Expert Analysis

Do you know there are situations when a batter-runner can be awarded third base on an overthrow by an infielder into dead ball territory? Can you define the terms “FIRST PLAY” and “SECOND PLAY” in the infield? Award of Bases on Infield Throws into Dead Ball Territory Normally when an infielder throws a ball into…

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The Wild Pitch that Saved the Reds Win

Topics: Catcher, Dead Ball Area, Deflected Ball
This is a video post.
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Red Sox Outfielder Deflects Batted Ball Over the Wall

Topics: Base Awards, Deflected Ball, Uncategorized

The Rays and Red Sox played Game Three of the ALDS at Fenway October 10, 2021. In the top of the 13th with the score tied 4-4, the Rays had Yandy Diaz on first base and two outs when Kevin Kiermaier ripped one to deep right-center. The drive hit the wall on the fly, then…

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