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What Happens After a Ball Touches the Bat Twice?

Topics: Batter Interference, Expert Analysis

There are a lot of different scenarios where a ball can be touched by bat twice in different ways which can determine if a player is out, safe or there is interference called. MLB umpire Ted Barrett breaks down these scenarios with Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh in a simple and easy to follow video…

Expert Analysis

The Wild Pitch that Saved the Reds Win

Topics: Catcher, Dead Ball Area, Deflected Ball
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Expert Analysis

The Rules after a Dropped Third Strike

Topics: Expert Analysis, Runners

What happens after a dropped third strike if the runner starts heading back to the dugout? How far can the batter go before he would be called out if one of his teammates tells him to start running toward first base? Where is the line of demarcation? Major League Umpire, Ted Barrett, and Chris Welsh…

Expert Analysis

Detached Equipment Rule

Topics: Equipment, Expert Analysis, Interference
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