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When a ball off the wall is really a home run.

Play #1 After review, Kipnis’ Home Run becomes a triple The Tigers and Indians played in Cleveland on Friday, June 21, 2019. In the bottom of the eighth, the Indians had a runner on first base and no outs when Jason Kipnis hit a ball that was originally ruled a home run by second base […]

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Ozuna Throws Glove at Batted Ball?

The Cardinals hosted the Marlins on Wednesday night. In the bottom of the third, Tommy Pham was batting with one out and a runner on second. Pham hit a shot toward left center. Marlins’ left fielder Marcell Ozuna appeared to have thrown his glove at the ball in an apparent attempt to stop it or […]


When all else fails, throw your glove at the ball

How did Marcell Ozuna get away with throwing his glove at the ball? Remember chasing a baseball down a sloping street, wishing desperately that you could somehow get to it before it rolled into the storm sewer? A ball in the sewer didn’t just mean the end of the game–it meant the end of the […]