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Red Sox Catcher Nabbed for Detached Equipment Rule Violation

You cannot assume your players know even the most basic rules. Take what happened at Fenway Park on May 1, 2018,  when the Red Sox hosted the Royals. In the top of the 10th inning with the score tied 3-3, the Royals had runners on first and second and two outs when Sox catcher Christian […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 1-3b

The catcher’s box is 4′ by 6′ measured from the back line of the batter’s box (about 30% larger than pro). [OBR 2.01 Appendices 1 & 2]: The box is 43″ by 8′ measured from the point of the plate.

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Catcher’s Box

A catcher must stay in his position behind home plate and not interfere with a batter’s ability to swing at the pitch. Normally, on an intentional base on balls, the catcher stands with his glove or hand out and then jumps outside the plate area to catch the pitch. If the catcher moves to a position (usually over home plate) and interferes with a batter’s ability to offer at the pitch, it is interference on the catcher, dead ball, batter awarded 1B. This also commonly happens on a suicide squeeze play. Any runner stealing on the pitch is awarded the next base. Any runner not stealing on the pitch stays at his base unless forced to advance by the base award given to the batter runner.