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Interfering with a Catcher’s Throw

If a catcher is attempting to retire a runner, the batter may not in any way impede the catcher’s effort. Interference will be called on the batter even if the umpire feels the violation is unintentional. For instance, if the batter swings at a pitch and his swing momentum causes him to be off balance […]

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Protected Fielder

At the core of offensive interference is the concept of the protected fielder. A fielder is protected from the moment a ball is put into play and continues until the fielder has made the play, muffed the play, or throw after fielding the ball. Giving the Fielder the Right of Way Most baserunners know that […]

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Defensive Interference (Catcher’s Interference)

While the vast majority of interference infractions are committed by the offense team (batter, runner), there is a common way for a defensive player to be charged with interference. It is commonly called catcher’s interference. Catcher’s Interference The defensive interference rule specifies that a fielder may not hinder or prevent a batter from hitting a […]

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

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Intermediate (50-70) Division/ Junior/ Senior/ Big League: If, with a runner on third base and trying to score by means of a squeeze play or a steal, the catcher or any other fielder steps on, or in front of home base without possession of the ball, or touches the batter or the bat, the pitcher […]

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Runner Interference: Umpire Must Make Decision which Fielder to Protect

The Yankees beat the Indians 7-6 in Cleveland on July 9, 2016. But had it not been for an interference call against Indians’ baserunner Francisco Lindor, the Tribe would have been probable winners.

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Obstruction (Type A & Type B)

The Mariners turned their 11th triple play in franchise history in the fourth inning of the July 26 game against the Blue Jays and the play proved to be a rules clinic as multiple rules were involved. The 3-6-2 triple play was reportedly only the second such type triple play in baseball history. Leading, 4-3, […]

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Neighborhood Play at 2B

MLB’s Playing Rules Committee allows for the “Neighborhood Play” at second base to protect middle infielders from injury. Yet, the reckless sliding rules in place allow the runner on force plays to slide into the base on a variety of angles and head hunt the fielder making the play. As long as a runner is […]

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Interference: Where Umps Place Runners

As stated, spectator interference creates a dead ball and empowers umpires to place the batter and runners at any base they judge they would have reached had there been no interference. In the April 16 Royals/Twins game at Target Field, Kennys Vargas singled to the right fielder corner in the bottom of the seventh inning […]

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When Not to Argue Fan Interference

In the April 16 Royals/Twins game at Target Field, Kennys Vargas singled to the right fielder corner in the bottom of the seventh inning when a fan promptly picked up the ball. Umpire Joe West signaled fan interference. The umpires ruled that Vargas would have only made one base had there been no interference so […]