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Holliday Interference?

Red Sox manager John Farrell protested the Red Sox 16-inning, 4-1 loss to the Yankees on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at Fenway Park. Here is what happened. In the top of the 11th inning, the Yankees had Matt Holliday at first base and no outs when Jacoby Ellsbury chopped a ball to first baseman Mitch Moreland, who […]


Bat Interference

It is common to see a batter drop his bat in fair territory in the area in front of home plate. Usually this results in no further complication of the play. But when the dropped bat touches a batted ball, every umpire, coach and player should know the rule. Live batted ball A batter is […]

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Two Baselines

The 45-foot line between home and 1B shows where a runner should run to avoid being called out for interference. Both feet must land in the runner’s lane, with the line itself defined as part of the runner’s lane. Contact with the ball is not necessary if, in the opinion of the umpire, the batter runner interfered with the fielder fielding the throw (usually by the catcher or pitcher from in front of home plate).

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Runner’s Lane

The “runner’s lane” is the area halfway between home and 1B where a runner can be penalized for interference. If a runner moves outside the running lane to the fair side of the baseline he could be called out if his presence outside the running lane affects the fielder receiving the throw. Contact with the throw is not required for interference to be called.

Note: A fielder (usually the catcher) must actually throw the ball to a fielder covering 1B to receive an interference call by the umpire. The mere presence of the runner out of the runner’s lane is not enough to warrant interference by the batter runner.

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The lead runner on the base path is permitted to physically refrain the trail runner from passing him on the base path. However, a coach may not touch a runner to assist him on the base paths. If a coach intentionally touches a runner, the ball remains alive, and the runner is called out for interference by the coach.

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Interfering with a Catcher’s Throw

If a catcher is attempting to retire a runner, the batter may not in any way impede the catcher’s effort. Interference will be called on the batter even if the umpire feels the violation is unintentional. For instance, if the batter swings at a pitch and his swing momentum causes him to be off balance […]