October 27, 2020

When a Runner Attempts to Steal Home

Manuel Margot Attempt in 2020 World Series

When a Runner Attempts to Steal Home



Lawrence Weiser

Can a pitcher just throw home if runner takes off while a pitcher is in set position, before pitcher has begun his stretch scenario-thus considering this a pitch?

Matthew Temkin

On a pitch that the right handed batter does not swing….can he stay in the box or does he have to get out of the way?


Great video. I love how it breaks down what each participant should do and what the penalties are.

John Behrend

Great video to watch an explanations of the correct ruling on the play.

Louis Skoletsky

Nicely explained. Great teaching tool.

Chris Welsh

Thanks, Trips2007. I did have the wrong video up for a few minutes but it is fixed now.


The email says a 5-minute video. This one’s 15 seconds with no sound. You have the right link up?

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