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Rule 1 – Section 5 – PLAYER EQUIPMENT

1-5-1 It is mandatory for on-deck batters, batters, runners, retired runners, players/students in the coaches boxes as well as non-adult bat/ball shaggers to wear a batting helmet that has a non-glare (not mirror-like) surface and meets the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. The batting helmet shall have extended ear flaps that cover both…


Conduct and Responsibilities of Umpires

STANDARDS FOR REMOVAL FROM THE GAME MLB Umpires are entrusted with the authority to remove any participant from a game. This responsibility should never be taken lightly. Major League Baseball recognizes that every situation is unique and that umpire discretion is essential to proper rule enforcement. While there are unique and extraordinary circumstances, players and…


NCAA 5-16 Fight Rule

Fight Rule SECTION 16. The rules committee believes there is no place in college baseball for physical abuse of officials or fighting among opponents. A fight rule penalizes offending team representatives (e.g., players, coaches, athletic trainers, managers) for physical abuse or fighting. However, coaches must understand that they are responsible for the actions of their…


Rule 10 – Section 3 – FIELD UMPIRE

10-3-1   A field umpire shall aid the umpire-in-chief in administering the rules. He shall make all decisions on the bases except those reserved for the umpire-in-chief. He shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the umpire-in-chief in calling time, balks, infield fly, defacement or discoloration of ball by the pitcher, illegal pitches, when a fly ball is caught,…


Rule 4 – Section 4 – FORFEITED GAME

4-4-1   A game shall be forfeited to the offended team by the umpire when a team: is late in appearing or in beginning play after the umpire calls “Play.” State associations are authorized to specify the time frame and/or circumstance before a forfeit will be declared for a late arrival by one of the teams; or…


NCAA 8-3 Entitled to Bases

Entitled to Bases SECTION 3. The base runner shall be entitled to an unoccupied base if the individual touches it before being put out. The base runner is entitled to this base until put out or the individual may be advanced one or more bases under the following conditions: a. If forced to vacate the…


9.06 Determining Value of Base Hits

The Official Scorer shall score a base hit as a one-base hit, two-base hit, three-base hit or home run when no error or putout results, as follows: (a) Subject to the provisions of Rule 9.06 (b) and 9.06 (c), it is a one-base hit if the batter stops at first base; it is a two-base…


NCAA 2-77 Suspension

Suspension SECTION 77. The prohibition of a player or coach from participating in a future contest(s). A game must be played to its completion before it counts toward a suspension. A game that is scheduled, but not played due to weather, power failure, etc., shall not be used to satisfy a suspension(s). If the penalty…


The Rules of Scoring

Index Appeal of scoring decision: 9.01(a) Assists: 9.10 Base hits: 9.05, 9.06 Bases on balls: 9.14 Batting out of turn: 9.01(b)(4), 9.03(d) Box scores: 9.02, 9.03(b) Box scores: how to prove, 9.03(c) Called game: 9.03(e) Caught stealing: 9.07(h) Cumulative performance records guidelines: 9.23 Defensive indifference: 9.07(g) Determining value of base hits: 9.06 Double plays: 9.11 Earned…


9.03 Official Score Report (Additional Rules)

(a) In compiling the official score report, the Official Scorer shall list each player’s name and fielding position, or positions, in the order in which the player batted, or would have batted if the game ended before the player came to bat. Rule 9.03(a) Comment: When a player does not exchange positions with another fielder…

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