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RulesLittle League

9.03 – Umpire Roles

(a) If there is only one umpire, that umpire must be an adult and shall have complete jurisdiction in administering the rules. This umpire may take any position on the playing field which will enable said umpire to discharge all duties (usually behind the catcher, but sometimes behind the pitcher if there are runners.) (b)…


Rule 10 – Section 1 – GENERAL

10-1-1   Game officials include the umpire-in-chief and one, two, three or more field umpires. Whenever possible, at least two umpires are recommended. Any umpire has the authority to order a player, coach or team attendant to do or refrain from doing anything that affects the administration of these rules and to enforce prescribed penalties. 10-1-2   Umpire…


Rule 10 – Section 2 – UMPIRE-IN-CHIEF

10-2-1   If there are two or more umpires, the umpire-in-chief shall stand behind the catcher. The umpire-in-chief, when behind the plate, shall wear proper safety equipment including, but not limited to, chest protector, face mask, throat guard, plate shoes, shin guards and protective cup (if male). He shall call and count balls and strikes; signal fair…


NCAA 4-4 Pregame Meeting

Pregame Meeting SECTION 4. Ten minutes before the scheduled starting time, the umpire in-chief shall conduct the pregame meeting with the representatives of the opposing teams. The head coach, during the first game of a weekend series or any non-conference game, must attend the pregame plate conference. During this meeting, the umpire-in-chief shall: a. Receive…


6.01 Interference, Obstruction, and Catcher Collisions

(a) Batter or Runner Interference It is interference by a batter or a runner when: (1) After a third strike that is not caught by the catcher, the batter-runner clearly hinders the catcher in his attempt to field the ball. Such batter runner is out, the ball is dead, and all other runners return to the bases they…


8.03 Umpire Position

(a) The umpire-in-chief shall stand behind the catcher. (He usually is called the plate umpire.) His duties shall be to: (1) Take full charge of, and be responsible for, the proper conduct of the game; (2) Call and count balls and strikes; (3) Call and declare fair balls and fouls except those commonly called by…


NCAA 10-1 Scorer’s Duties

Scorer’s Duties SECTION 1.     a. The home team, conference commissioner or tournament director shall appoint an official scorer before each game. The scorer shall have sole authority to make all decisions involving judgment. He shall communicate such decisions to both teams and all members of the news media present. b. The official scorer should…


Rule 12.00 – Drafted Leagues & All-Star Programs

12.01 Drafted League Program: Drafted League is a playing level for actual drafted league teams from USSSA Sanctioned Leagues. Age divisions shall include 5U – 18U.         12.01.A Leagues that conform to the below guidelines and register one hundred percent (100%) of their league teams shall be allowed to participate. State Directors…

RulesMLB Umpire Manual

Procedures For Measuring Fielding Gloves

Rules 3.04, 3.05, 3.06: Official Baseball Rules 3.04, 3.05, and 3.06 describe proper glove measurements and should be enforced for all gloves used in Major League games. The key measurements are “J” and “A” lines (see Diagram Number 4 in the Official Baseball Rules). The “J” line from the top of the index finger (first…

RulesMLB Umpire Manual

Batter’s Position in Batter’s Box

Rules 5.04(b)(5), 6.03(a)(1): When the batter assumes a batting stance in the batter’s box, he shall have both feet entirely within the batter’s box; i.e., no part of either foot may extend beyond the outer edge of the lines defining the box when the batter assumes a position in the box. There is no penalty…

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