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Red Sox Catcher Nabbed for Detached Equipment Rule Violation

You cannot assume your players know even the most basic rules. Take what happened at Fenway Park on May 1, 2018,  when the Red Sox hosted the Royals. In the top of the 10th inning with the score tied 3-3, the Royals had runners on first and second and two outs when Sox catcher Christian […]

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Ozuna Throws Glove at Batted Ball?

The Cardinals hosted the Marlins on Wednesday night. In the bottom of the third, Tommy Pham was batting with one out and a runner on second. Pham hit a shot toward left center. Marlins’ left fielder Marcell Ozuna appeared to have thrown his glove at the ball in an apparent attempt to stop it or […]


When all else fails, throw your glove at the ball

How did Marcell Ozuna get away with throwing his glove at the ball? Remember chasing a baseball down a sloping street, wishing desperately that you could somehow get to it before it rolled into the storm sewer? A ball in the sewer didn’t just mean the end of the game–it meant the end of the […]

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Detached Equipment

If a fielder uses detached equipment to field a pitched ball (usually this is a catcher scooping a ball with his mask), there is a one base penalty for any runners on base. If no runners are on base, there is no infraction. If a fielder uses detached equipment on a fair batted ball, the penalty is three bases for all runners including the batter runner.