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How a Minor League Hidden Ball Tricked Worked

The Carolina Mudcats  (Brewers) executed the hidden ball trick, one of baseball’s oldest ruses, when they  hosted the Buies Creek Astros  of the  Class A Advanced Carolina League on May 3. In the top of the seventh inning, the Astros, with runners on first and second, pulled off a successful double steal when the Mudcats’ […]


MLB Postseason Riddled with Rules Controversies

Why Didn’t Dusty Baker Protest Follow-Through Interference? Did Yankees Gary Sanchez Violate a Rule on the Final Out of the Game? Was that Interference on Carlos Correa that Allowed the Winning Run to Score?   Expert Rules Analysis Here CONTROVERSY #1 In the most important game played by the Nationals all year long could the […]


Rule of the Week: Hidden Ball Trick

What You Don’t Know About the Hidden Ball Trick One of baseball’s rarest plays, the hidden ball trick, is simultaneously gratifying and embarrassing. If you’re the fielder who pulls off this bit of defensive magic, it becomes one of the more satisfying moments of the season. If you’re the embarrassed runner, well, there is no […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 9-3f

When the hidden ball trick is attempted, the pitcher may not stand with one or both feet on any part of the dirt area of the mound. [OBR 6.02a Comment A: The pitcher, without the ball, may not stand on or astride the mound (anywhere on the rise).]

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Hidden Ball Trick

When a defensive team attempts a hidden ball trick it is important for the pitcher to know his limitations on the mound. A pitcher is not permitted to stand on or astride the rubber without the ball. However, at the professional level, he may stand on the mound area. He may not hold the rosin bag in his glove or hold it in his hand as an attempt to fool the runner into thinking the rosin bag is actually the baseball.

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Hidden Ball Trick

The hidden ball trick has been around baseball as long as peanuts, popcorn and Cracker Jacks. Well known players like Juan Uribe (Dodgers) and Matt Carpenter (Cardinals) have been victimized by the rule in recent years. Tigers’ shortstop Jose Iglesias tried to pull off the stunt in the bottom of the fifth inning in Kansas […]