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Bat Interference

When a bat touches a live batted ball, several things can happen. For instance, a batter bunts a ball, drops his bat and then the ball rolls into the bat. If a batted ball rolls into a stationary bat in fair territory and stays in fair territory, the ball is live and in play. If the batted ball rolls into a stationary bat in fair territory and comes to rest in foul territory, it is a foul ball. If a batted ball rolls into a bat in foul territory, it is immediately a foul ball.

A batter is responsible for his bat. If a batter drops his bat and it touches a live batted ball in fair territory, he is out for interference whether he does this intentionally or not. In the case of a broken bat, the batter is not responsible for a piece of broken bat, even if it affects the play.


Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

5.00 Putting the Ball in Play – Live Ball

5.01 – At the time set for beginning the game, the Umpire-in-Chief shall order the home team to take its defensive positions and the first batter of the visiting team to take a position in the batter’s box. As soon as all players are in position, the Umpire-in-Chief shall call “Play.” 5.02 – After the […]

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Live Ball Carried into the Dugout by Player on Offensive Bench

The Brewers and D’backs played in Arizona on August 5, 2016 when the Brewers’ Orlando Arcia collected his first major league hit. After he singled to right field in the fourth inning off Braden Shipley knocking in Hernan Perez, D’backs second baseman Jean Segura fielded the throw to the infield. He then good-naturedly tossed it toward […]

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Catcher’s Interference

In the top of the eighth inning of the June 11 Padres-Braves game, the Padres had the bases loaded with two outs trailing 4-3 when Braves catcher Christian Bethancourt was called for “catcher’s interference” when his mitt came in contact with the bat of the Padres Cory Spangenberg allowing Will Myers to score from third. […]