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11 Rules Questions that Need Answering Now

If a manager wants to challenge multiple situations in the same play, what is the proper way to have the field umpires communicate this to the Command Center?   The manager should tell the field umpires the situations he wants challenged. It should be done in layers at the same time. Does a tag attempt […]

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Slide Rule on Potential Double Plays

The new slide rule has been an expected source of controversy the first week of the season. And I expect it will continue for a time. The Nationals and Braves opened the season in Atlanta on April 4, 2016. With the scored tied 1-1 in the bottom of the seventh, Nick Markakis drew a leadoff walk. Hector […]

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Holding the Tag on the Runner

There is no doubt that the advent of the Instant Replay has changed the game. Because fielders are holding the tag longer on tag plays, hoping that the replay will overturn a safe call, runners are at risk. In many cases umpires must determine whether the runner’s momentum took him off the base or did […]