Rule 2 – Section 28 – PITCHER, PITCH, PIVOT FOOT

Rule 2 – Section 28 – PITCHER, PITCH, PIVOT FOOT

2-28-1   The pitcher is the player who is designated in the lineup as being responsible for delivering (pitching) the ball to the batter.

2-28-2   A live ball delivered to the batter is a pitch. The term implies a legally delivered ball unless otherwise stated. When a pitcher commits a balk and completes his delivery to the batter, or delivers an illegal pitch, it is not considered a pitch, because the ball became dead at the time of the infraction.

2-28-3   Time of the pitch is when the pitcher has committed himself to delivering the pitch to the batter. For the windup position, the “time of the pitch” occurs when the pitcher, (a) first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) after stepping onto the pitcher’s plate with his hands already together in front of his body; (b) with both hands at his side, first starts any movement with both arms or leg(s) prior to the pitch; (c) with either hand in front of the body and the other hand at his side, after bringing his hands together, first starts any movement of his arm(s) or leg(s) prior to the pitch. For the set position, the “time of the pitch” occurs the instant the pitcher, after coming to a complete and discernible stop, starts any movement with arm(s) and/or leg(s) that commits him to pitch.

2-28-4   A pitch ends when:

  1. the pitched ball is secured by the catcher
  2. comes to rest
  3. goes out of play
  4. becomes dead
  5. or the batter hits the ball (other than a foul tip)

2-28-5   A feint is a movement which simulates the start of a pitch or a throw to a base and which is used in an attempt to deceive a runner.

2-28-6   The pitcher’s pivot foot is that foot with which the pitcher contacts the pitcher’s plate when he delivers the ball. For example, the pivot foot is the left foot for a left-handed pitcher (6-1-1).

October 6, 2019
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