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Should Infielders Blocking a Base Obstruction Be Reviewable?

Topics: Batter Runner

Play No. 1 The Yankees and Guardians played a split doubleheader in Cleveland on April 13, 2024. In the top of the third of the first game, the Yankees had Juan Soto on first base and no outs when Aaron Judge flied to Tyler Freeman in short center field. Freeman, seeing Soto was a good…

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Runner Does Not Slide Heading to Second in Force Double Play Situation

Topics: Expert Analysis

Does a runner have to slide when going to second base to break up a force/double play? The answer is “No.”  Let’s look at the following play that occurred in the Pirates-Mariners game in Seattle on May 26, 2023. In the top of the fourth, the Bucs had Jack Suwinski on first base with one…

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Batter-Runner Beats the Throw but Steps on Fielder’s Foot! Safe or Out?

Topics: Batter Runner, Runners
This is a video post.
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What Do You Know? 9 Rules Questions from 2018

Topics: Base, Batter's Box, Catcher Interference, Dead Ball Area, Fair Territory, Foul Territory, Infield Fly, Pinch Hitter, Pitcher, Pitcher Pick-offs, Runner Interference, Uncategorized

1. There’s a runner on first, catcher’s interference is called and the batter safely makes it to first as a result of the play. If the runner on first (after safely reaching second base), makes an attempt for third base during the play and gets thrown out, does the offensive coach have the option to…

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