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Bruce Bochy Knows the Rules!

Regarding throws from the infield that go out of play, umpires must determine if it the “first play” or “second play.”  By rule, when an infielder initially fields the ball, that is NOT A PLAY. The infielder’s “first play” is either: (1) a throw to a base (most common), (2) an attempted tag of a […]


9 Rules Questions Answered Here

1. Infield Fly Rule situation. The bases are loaded and one out when the batter hits a pop fly near first base in fair territory. The umpires invoke the IFR. The runner on first base, who is several feet off the bag, is tracking the fly ball instead of locating the first baseman who is […]

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When a Fielder Makes a Throw into a Dead Ball Area

Your typical base awards for runners on infielder overthrows that go into dead ball territory are two bases from their position at the time of the pitch. But don’t fall asleep. There are other base awards that emerge on infielder overthrows into DBT that depend on “first” and “second” plays in the infield. A rare […]