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Fan Catches Foul Ball, Fielder Steals Glove and is Awarded Catch!

On June 7, 2019, the Angels and Mariners played in Anaheim. M’s right fielder Domingo Santana made a catch in which he ended-up with two gloves. Here is what happened. Jonathan Lucroy led off the bottom of the fifth facing Marco Gonzales and hit a fly ball down the right field line that was caught […]


Something You Probably Don’t Know: The Difference Between a Foul Tip and Foul Ball

Most baseball fans incorrectly use the terms foul ball and foul tip interchangeably. For those who make this mistake, it might simply be a case of careless use of words… or it could be something more serious: a fuzzy understanding of basic baseball rules. So what is the main difference between a foul tip and […]

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Bat Interference

When a bat touches a live batted ball, several things can happen. For instance, a batter bunts a ball, drops his bat and then the ball rolls into the bat. If a batted ball rolls into a stationary bat in fair territory and stays in fair territory, the ball is live and in play. If the batted ball rolls into a stationary bat in fair territory and comes to rest in foul territory, it is a foul ball. If a batted ball rolls into a bat in foul territory, it is immediately a foul ball.

A batter is responsible for his bat. If a batter drops his bat and it touches a live batted ball in fair territory, he is out for interference whether he does this intentionally or not. In the case of a broken bat, the batter is not responsible for a piece of broken bat, even if it affects the play.


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Foul or Fair

A fly ball is determined to be fair of foul based on where the ball is when it is touched by the fielder. It does not matter where the feet of the fielder are positioned, only the location of the baseball (fair or foul) at the time it touches the fielder.

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Foul Tip or Foul Ball

It is important to know the difference between a foul tip and foul ball. A foul tip is a pith that touches the bat and goes directly into a catcher’s hand or glove. The ball remains alive ad runners can attempt to advance at their own risk. A foul ball is a pitch that touches the bat and is not caught by the catcher. The ball is dead and all runners must return to their base.

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Batter Touches Foul Ball

Can a batter be called out for touching a foul ball? The answer is yes. If a batter intentionally touches a foul ball that has a chance to be fair in an effort to keep the ball foul, he is ruled out and all runners return to their previous base.

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

5.00 Putting the Ball in Play – Live Ball

5.01 – At the time set for beginning the game, the Umpire-in-Chief shall order the home team to take its defensive positions and the first batter of the visiting team to take a position in the batter’s box. As soon as all players are in position, the Umpire-in-Chief shall call “Play.” 5.02 – After the […]

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Q&A: Foul ball or strike three?

Q. With two strikes on the batter, Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A Carolina League) catcher Chad Johnson recently had a foul tip go off his mask and into his mitt. The ball never hit the ground. Was this a legal catch for “strike three?” A. No. That would be a foul ball. For the catcher […]