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Hit By Pitch, Not So Simple

When a batter is hit by a pitch it is usually an easy call for the home plate umpire; dead ball, batter awarded first base and all runners who are forced advance one base. But what happens if the batter is not in the batter’s box? Or attempts to swing or offers to bunt the […]


Batter Offers at Pitch and is Touched by Ball

This much we know: When a batter attempts to hit a pitch, whether a full swing, check swing or bunt attempt, it is a strike. But what happens when that batter attempts to hit or bunt the pitch and is then struck by the pitch? Is the batter awarded first base? Can runners advance? Can […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 8-2d1

The batter may not make a movement to intentionally get hit by a pitch and must avoid being hit whenever possible. [OBR 5.05b2: The batter must make an attempt to avoid the pitch.]

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HBP When Bunting

When a batter is hit by a pitch while attempting to bunt, the umpire should first call “time.” If the umpire judges the batter offered at the pitch, he will call a strike on the batter and all runners return to their base. If he judges the batter did not offer at the pitch, it is a HBP (hit by pitch).

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You Can’t Dupe That Eye in the Sky

The Astros hosted the Angels on June 20. Mike Trout was batting in the top of the third with Yunel Escobar on third base, two outs and a 1-2 count. On the next Doug Fister pitch, Trout hit a slow roller up the first baseline that was fielded by Fister, who threw to Marwin Gonzalez […]

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Batter Hit-by-Pitch After Pitcher Balks

Q. With a runner on first, the pitcher balks and hits the batter with the pitch. What’s the call? A. The batter is awarded first base and the runner on first would go to second base. Let me explain. When a batter is hit by a pitch following a balk, the umpire first concerns himself […]