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Neighborhood Play at 2B

MLB’s Playing Rules Committee allows for the “Neighborhood Play” at second base to protect middle infielders from injury. Yet, the reckless sliding rules in place allow the runner on force plays to slide into the base on a variety of angles and head hunt the fielder making the play. As long as a runner is […]

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Neighborhood Play Defined

The Yankees and Indians played in New York on Aug. 22. With runners at the corners and one out in the third inning, Michael Brantley chopped into a 3-6 fielder’s choice. On the play, the throw from Yankees’ first baseman Greg Bird appeared to force Yankees’ shortstop Didi Gregorius off the bag at second before […]

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Runner Touched by Batted Ball

The Rangers and Red Sox played at Fenway Park on Thursday night (May 21). In the bottom of the fifth, the Sox had Xander Bogaerts on first base and one out when Daniel Nava hit a sharp ground ball between first and second on a hit and run play. Rangers’ second baseman Adam Rosales vacated […]