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The Dangerous Batter-Runner First Baseman Collision

You might recall in my spring training presentation that I strongly endorsed the idea of having the first baseman (or second baseman) who is taking the throw from the catcher or the pitcher in the bunt area, to take the throw from a stretch position to the fair side of the foul line to avoid […]

Insider Report

Off Again, on Again

Runners on second and third bases, one out. Batter swings at strike three, ball goes to backstop, batter turns and walks toward his third base dugout. Everyone tells him to run and he stops about 15 feet from the plate area and turns and runs toward first. When running to first he crosses the home […]


A whole lot of bumping going on

Runner on first, no outs. Lazy infield popup down first base line. First baseman and pitcher converge but it seems like it’s a play for the first baseman. As the batter-runner approaches first, he and the pitcher slightly bump which causes the batter-runner to lose his balance and fall. The pitcher also loses his balance […]